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At Mrs B's, we believe in serving healthy, homecooked, and authentic Punjabi food made with love. We source local, sustainable, and organic ingredients to ensure that every dish is fresh, flavorful, and nutritious.

Our Story

Our venture started in 2018 when making a prawn curry and my son asked if I had any spare for his friends to try. At home, we always tend to make extra  "just in case". The guys loved the food so much, insisting it was unlike takeaways they were used to and one of the best curries they've had!

From there, we decided to start cooking extra meals for friends and family every week.​ We created a weekly changing menu that could be pre-ordered and delivered every Friday. Purely through word of mouth, we were able to grow and started to build lots of interest locally.


Now, we focus on catering for parties and pre-wedding events, as well as hosting our own pop-up nights! We love coming up with menus to suit an occasion: whether it be buffet style, in-home private dining, or grazing tables.


Our Mantra

We believe that food brings people together. Our catering services are perfect for parties, gatherings, and weddings, where you can enjoy new and traditional Punjabi dishes with your loved ones.

Our Produce

We take pride in our cooking which is reflected in our dishes. We're committed to using locally-sourced and organic ingredients. We strive to promote a healthier & fresher version of traditional Indian food

Our Services

Our catering services are available in the form of; grazing/picking boards, private dining, and self catering. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss requirements and create the perfect menu for your event!


When choosing a caterer for your event, you want someone who will be attentive, understanding, and reliable - and that is what Mrs B's offers. We work with you to compose the perfect menu for you and your guests, taking into consideration any specific dietary requirements whether Veggie, Vegan or Halal dishes. Choose from:

Grazing boards - we set up delicious displays for guests to pick from

Self-catered - heat & pour yourself. Available for collection or delivery.

Private Dining - complete in-house catering with our chefs to heat, present, and clean up 


What Our Customers Say

“Mrs Bs catered my wedding, and the food was absolutely delicious. The guests couldn't stop raving about the authentic Punjabi flavors. Highly recommend!”

Eleanor Pena

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